Johns Hopkins Carey Business School


Meet Rishi Bagga!

"I chose Carey Business School because I wanted to advance my education and involve myself

with a diverse community of young professionals. It is amazing to be part of a group of people

in which each person has a different background and skill-set. The professors I have class with

make sure to hold lively and interactive discussions regarding the subjects they are teaching

and it is a unique experience to have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest

professionals and researchers in the business world. A lot of them have come straight from

industry after working at very well-regarded firms and impart much of the wisdom they picked

up from working at those firms upon us, the students.

I believe my graduate school experience will help me to pursue my career goals in the way that

I plan to. When I am not in class, I work as an analyst at an investment bank in Baltimore and

help to create financial models as well as produce various forms of industry research, help

review resumes and plan events with the Career Development Office, and work with a team of

MBA and Masters students on an equity research case competition. These experiences have

provided me with the experiences of juggling multiple projects at once, working on different

sized teams on a myriad of items, and have given me a large amount of exposure to different

functions within the finance industry. And as I plan to enter the investment banking industry

upon graduation, getting the chance to work at an investment bank alongside taking classes is

an excellent example of how the programs at Carey are designed to help facilitate its students’

career plans.

My time with AIESEC helped to prepare me for the graduate school experience. While I was

member in AIESEC and also on the two exchanges I was a part of, I got to meet many different

people from around the world and learn about their goals and motivations. I was able to better

relate to the students in the Hopkins program as many of them come from different areas in

Asia and Europe. Working with AIESEC also taught me the importance of being proactive in

getting work done to best help the people one works with and that truly became an important

skill to have as I began to be more involved with the Johns Hopkins and Baltimore communities."

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