LCP 101

How to be LCP: a crash course


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The laws of AIESEC US. Read it twice twice! LCPs voted to amended it at SNC and WNC.

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Team Days

Get to know the people in your LC. Build personal connections and have a lot of fun.

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External Resources

Articles and books all about leadership, development and the world!

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A BOA is used to provide guidance, support, and feedback on the goals, operations, and strategies of the EB and LC. Ultimately, a BoA should increase an LC’s ability to facilitate exchange. to mimic real copy.

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Data Driven Decisions

Getting overwhelmed with all choices you have to make? Use data to your advantage!

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Running meetings

From EBM to LCM, there are so many meetings to give. Learn how to maximize efficacy to get the most out of every meeting.

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Organizational Development

The OD Model is the strategy of the national entity, it’s the clear direction that we have to take for a sustainable and disruptive growth. The model is structured in a way that entities have to choose a program focus and create a clear growth path based on specialization. We believe that the Outgoing Global Volunteer program should be the base of our operations and the base of our sustainable and disruptive growth.