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Greetings AIESECers and SNC delegates! The following insights regarding Decision Sciences is brought to you by NEW SNC sponsors, Mu Sigma. Enjoy! :)

Data driven decision making is one of the top priorities of organizations today and will continue be in the future. But why? In the past, huge amounts of data being generated by corporations was not being used optimally for making business decisions. Organizations recognized this. Today, the same organizations have placed a huge emphasis on consuming data the right way to create key strategic initiatives and propel their business forward. But all this data is useless without the people, processes, and platforms to analyze it. 

The need for data driven decision making has created a global demand for individuals with the right skills. It has also given rise to an entire industry of ‘Client Services’ professionals who are not just adept at analytics, but are the primary point of contact for clients onsite and work alongside the analysts to architect the right solutions for the clients’ problem space.
According to LinkedIn, the role of a Customer Success Manager is ranked 4thon the list of the top 20 emerging jobs in the United States.
The ‘Client Services’ personnel in the Decision Sciences industry are the key people looked upon to drive business decisions for their clients. This not only exposes them to the biggest business problems across industries, but gives them a chance to take part in the solutioning as well, in collaboration with their clients’ organizations.
The nature of their work introduces Client Services personnel to top executives across all levels of their clients’ organizations, very often ‘C’ suite executives, besides exposing them to a vast array of business problems such as supply chain optimization, fraud detection, and marketing campaign management across a spectrum of industries.
While most corporations look at business problems in silos, we at Mu Sigma believe they are all interconnected. We hire college graduates from all over the world and transform them into experts in the art of molding sound business decisions derived from a combination of math, business, technology, and design thinking.
Fresh hires in Mu Sigma’s Client Services undergo Mu Sigma University’sflagship training program, called the Columbus Program a boot camp that includes: classroom learning, live business projects and mentorship from Decision Scientists and Mu Sigma Leadership. Upon completion of the 9-month training in India, they become Junior Associates and are assigned to client locations across the US. There, they work with top executives across the clients’ organizations, most of which are in the Fortune 500. Within a year, they get a chance to lead global delivery teams, just like entrepreneurs, driving their own client engagements.
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