USEFUL LINKS - you should familiarize yourself with these as preparation

Click this bottom to go to the TS HUB page where you can learn tips and tricks on how to deliver team standards such as how to run team meetings, one-to-one’s, PDPs. How to hold your team accountable, how to motivate your members, and more!

Click this bottom to view the TS Tracker. Simply make a copy and use it with your VPTM to track yourself and stay organized on delivering each phase of TS weekly and monthly. Use your VPTM to analyze how well they are being delivered/received and how to continuously improve!

Make sure you are well aware of the TL JD in terms of what your KPIs and MoS is. Your LC’s JD for TLs might be slightly different then this national template.

Click this bottom to go to the NMS Data Hub page. Here is where the data reports will be stored and released to view your member’s answers so you can create a plan with your VPTM on how to make each member more engaged and perform and for you to grow as a team leader!

The Basics of a TLs first month.png

What happens in the first month for a TL?

Check the image to the left