2018.1 Winter Steering Team

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The Steering Team is a group of LCPs selected to represent the plenary of AIESEC US in a physical summit with the MC. The Steering Team is a bridge between the local and national level of AIESEC and provides valuable feedback and direction to national initiatives. The 2018.1 Winter Steering Team came together in December 2017 at the MC Office in NYC to specifically provide insights on the support needed for LCP elects as they prepare for their terms. The output below outlines the knowledge and activities that each LCP elect should gain or practice before Winter National Conference 2017-2018. Enjoy!


Not sure what to do for planning member recruitment? Here's everything you need to know! Also, refer to the TM newsletter Ola sent out on Thursday 14 December 2017. 


Want to know the product growth strategies for 2018? Here's a sneak peak of what your VPs will be learning at WNC and some tips on how to manage each product head on your EB.


Are you preparing yourself for WNC? Make sure you are on track to complete everything in this checklist by the time you arrive at WNC (and make sure your EB is doing the same!).



If you have any questions regarding the Steering Team Output please reach out to any of the LCP Steering Team members! Also, if you haven't yet, please make sure your full EB has their contact information updated on the AIESEC US Leadership Contact Document