ECB Cases

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  1. When completing step 1: EP tries to solve issue with OP or Hosting Entity:

    • Make sure the EP does this in a written form via email, text, etc. Or record the meeting with the LC or OP taker.

  2. For step 2:

    • Involve the ECB so we can have your back. This step is crucial because most issues are solved here.

    • Do all contact via written form to the HE. Keep all screenshots, emails, etc of any communication between SE, HE, and EP.

  3. Step 3:

    • Make sure to upload all proofs, screenshots, emails, photo evidence, etc to this link. This will make the ECB process go faster.

    • Message the ECB as soon as you fill out the form.

    • Filling out the form does NOT guarantee that the ECB will open a case.


How does the ECB complete a case?

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The team contacts all parties involved in the issue for proofs.

  1. Establishing that the complaint procedure happened. If not, NO CASE, and we close the issue by informing the EP that they had to follow the XPP.

  2. Collecting all evidence of the existing problem via photos, screenshots, etc.

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The team establishes the timeline of events.

  1. Collecting specific dates of when the issue first happened

  2. All dates of the complaint procedure

  3. If and when the EP arrived and/or left the country

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The team reviews the XPP

  1. Collects the exact sections that were violated

  2. Compiles all violations to establish what kind of refund, if applicable, can be requested.

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The team officially opens a case

  1. Compiles all proofs into a single document

  2. Lays out the timeline of events

  3. Pastes the exact XPP violations

  4. Indicates the ECBs request whether it be reimbursement, refund, or change in opportunity, etc.