Audit Requirements

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What is iSOS and STEP?

iSOS and STEP are the safety measures AIESEC US requires our outgoing EPs to participate in.


These proofs auto-export into the exchange audit

iSOS - International SOS

  • This is an insurance like mechanism that provides help to an EP in an emergency. It is a call system where, in an emergency, the EP can call iSOS for help. (finding a hospital, what to do in natural disaster, etc.)

  • This program has a fee but AIESEC US has a partnership that gives it to our EPs for free. They must use our code to get it for free. 30BYCA089648

STEP - Smart Traveller Enrollment Program

  • This is for US Citizens only. This is registering an EPs travel with the US embassy so that the US knows there is a US citizen in the country of travel.

  • This program also provides education on safety and health in the country of travel

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