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Welcome to the Spring Steering Team 2019 Output

In this output, you will find all the reports from the conversations and discussions that we had during our steering team meeting. Approach it with an open mind and heart. Keep in mind the future generations of AIESEC United States.

Enjoy going through the output and please do approach any of the steering team members should you have any questions or concerns.

“You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might”

-Henry David Thoreau


state of gen 19.20

Here, we dive deep into the current state of Gen 19.20. We talked to 24 LCPs to get their feedback on LCP experience, Organizational Culture, Support Systems, and Exchange!


Being an LCP is hard. To make it just a little simpler we made LCP guides to all the operational functions! IGV sales are ending soon. Now is the time to step it up! IGT and IGV are having similar tracking and accountability problems so check them both out.


With the national focus being oGV, it should be a priority in every LC. Unfortunately, there are only 2 oGV network managers. The LCPs have to step up and help coach their VPs more to make up the difference. Oh and there is stuff on oGE! Check out the process used by LCs who don’t run the product when they get an applied.


Did you know the open to applied bottle neck is not in the least bit that simple? Drive in deep to the number one exchange issue LCPs reported.

Talent Management

TM is going to save your life. The age old question, what does TM do? Is finally answered! Talent management and effective synergies were a huge topic of conversation. Expect to be mind blown in this output.

Pocket RecruiTment

We all know summer ops don’t stop but what do we do when all our people disappear. To ensure we have enough people to run summer operations, there will be a small (pocket) recruitment. Figure out how it will go down in this output.

OD Updates

So many numbers… but we turned it into educational resource idea! Check out this output for the updates on the education coming soon.

Stuggling lcs

Life of a small or under performing LC is difficult and overwhelming at times. We got together to try to be sympathetic to those realities. Here you will find our crash course booklet to get everyone to general member.

Spring Co Checklist

The first Spring National Conference is around the corner! Make sure your EB and members are ready to get the most out of this awesome opportunity by following this checklist!

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