STA Travel

AIESEC US is proud to be partnering with STA Travel once again! STA Travel is a flight booking platform that offers the lowest prices on flights (price-match guarantee) while allowing students to pay for their tickets later after booking them! AIESEC US officially recommends this platform to be used for booking all conference and exchange flights.

So, please recommend this to your members and EPs whenever they need a flight!

How to book through STA Travel:

Step 1: Go to (you MUST use this link)

Step 2: Use the search tool to find flights

Step 3: You MUST call 800-781-4040 or 800-777-0112 and say you are with AIESEC to get the cheapest ticket deal and take advantage of the Book Now, Pay Later

Step 4: If all is good, go ahead and book! If you saw a lower price elsewhere, call the number above or email to take advantage of the price match guarantee.

Step 5: Get excited for your trip!