TM Tracking Tool

The TM Tracking tool is designed to help you track Productivity, Retention, IXP rate, HR and Exits of your LC per function every single month. Below you will find a 3 Part video to help you understand the functioning of the tracking tool!


Part 1 | Introduction to the tool

The tool is extremely simple to use! As an LCVP collecting People analytics is one of the most basic process that needs to exist in your LC. With this tool you'll be able to collect in depth data to help you make inferences to help evolve processes. 



Click on "More Information" Below to understand it better.

Remember: The Scoreboard needs to be updated at the end of every month without fail as a copy of the same is saved by the NST team and all the data is removed to start the new month fresh.



As VPTM you need to keep track of every member and this tool will help you do just that with ease. 

Monthly reports of your LC's performance based on this tool will be given to you, Thus if you miss out on updating this tool regularly then your LC will not be a part of the report!