2017.2 Summer Steering Team

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our stand.

The Summer Steering Team commits to unite every member and push the limits of AIESEC US to be disruptive and globally relevant towards A2020.

Our network

The common problems we are facing across the LCP network and the process we are undergoing to recognize and address them.

Standards Implementation

Standards are the key activities what we as AIESECers need to deliver to our customers. Through ensuring Standards, we facilitate Inner & Outer Journey for the customers which in the end develop the leadership qualities.

Reporting for Growth

PHAB is here. The new reporting tool helps to paint a objective picture of your local committee's performance, organizational health, and financial status to make smarter LC decisions.

conference cycle

Updated delegate profiles, timelines, and main objectives of  all conferences are defined.

leadership capacity

We've provided resources you can use now to be prepared for the upcoming leadership changes. #carrythetorch

pre snc planning

Could you take an exam without any preparation? Follow the planning guide to prepare yourself for SNC in the coming days. 

That's tapioca.

That's tapioca.