Welcome to the Winter Steering Team 2019.1 Output

In this output, you will find all the reports from the conversations and discussions that we had during our steering team meeting. Approach it with an open mind and heart. Keep in mind the future generations of AIESEC United States.

Enjoy going through the output and please do approach any of the steering team members should you have any questions or concerns.

“You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might”

-Henry David Thoreau


our identity, timeline and agenda of steering team

Here, we address what the steering team stands for, why steering team meeting was planned to happen now of all times, and a brief of the agenda for the three days.

state of gen 19.20

Here, we dive deep into the current state of Gen 19.20.

Prior to our meeting, we had calls with LCPs across the nation to understand their readiness for their upcoming role, their opinion on network management, and exchange operations.

Conference cycle

Our conference cycle has not been updated or re-visited in years. We challenged ourselves to rethink the way we deliver education and revamp the conference cycle. Take a look and find out what the steering team proposes.

Product pricing

We analyzed our current product pricing and asked ourselves big questions including “are we valuing our product correctly for the value preposition it offers?” Take a look and find out what we concluded.

financial model

We also revisited our current reality in terms of finances. We made some big proposals for a new financial model; read more to find out what we concluded.


Co-delivery has been a bottleneck for a long time in our entity. Here, we provide tools and frameworks in order to ensure the best co-delivery of current and elected EB teams across AIESEC US. Take a look and approach any of us if you need help understanding how to co-deliver and transition as the current EB wraps up their experience and the elected team gets ready for theirs.

LCP Current, REMEMBER: it is YOUR final responsibility to ensure proper co-delivery and setting up your successor for GREATNESS.


We prepared a simple checklist for you together with the LCD team. This checklist includes everything you need to have ready before coming to WNC.